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About Us - FREE Behavior Contracts was created in 2011 by John Boardman and Chris Theisen, two grade-school friends that grew up together just outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The purpose of the site is to offer free downloadable parenting tools which can be used by parents to minimize some of the headaches that go along with parenting and child discipline.

As parents ourselves, we understand the challenges that behavior management can present. Without clear expectations and firm limits, child discipline becomes more of a full-contact sport than it does a pleasurable experience. We hope that these simple, yet effective, parenting tools can be put to good use in your home so that peace and tranquility reign, rather than chaos and conflict.

Effective parenting and positive child discipline are incredibly important when it comes to managing a child's behavior. Without the proper tools, parents can quickly lose authority over their children and this can be detrimental to the whole family. If even one of our downloadable behavior contracts can help to alleviate parental burnout then we feel we have done our job.

Along with these simple but free behavior contracts, we also offer a variety of other useful parenting tools on our other parenting sites. You'll find teen contracts, behavior charts, a child behavior program, parenting worksheets, behavior management tools, and much more by clicking on the links below. These links will take you to our other "sister" sites, where you can purchase highly effective, low-cost parenting products.

Teen Behavior Contracts:
Teen contracts and an exclusive teen discipline program. Also includes free printables with purchase.

The Parent Coach Plan:
Our original in-home child behavior program comes with a free set of behavior contracts and a few other surprises.

"Boomerang Kids" Contract:
Got an adult child living at home? Then this is just what you need: Our "contract for an adult child living at home."
12 parenting tools ready for download. Choose from a variety of behavior management downloads and use any or all of them!

Thank you so much for checking out, we hope you find something here that makes your job as a parent an easier one! Please browse around and check out all we have to offer!

Happy Parenting!

Chris Theisen & John Boardman

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