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What To Do When Your Adult Child Moves Home

By: Chris Theisen

Adult Child Moves Home

Rules for Adult Children Living at Home

Whatever happened to the days when children moved out of the house shortly after their eighteenth birthday... and stayed out? Though this still happens, there seems to be a new trend... most of these adult children appear to be returning home after a period of being away. Parents of adult children are now finding that their beloved "boomerang children" are moving back home... usually as a result of financial difficulties, divorces, addictions, or any other host of personal problems.

Boomerang Kids Help Parents of these adult children are now faced with a challenging dilemma... should they allow their adult children to move back home or insist that their children work through their struggles and stay on their own. This decision can weigh heavily on any parent who allows their adult child to move back home. Often times there are financial repercussions for the parent who now has an extra mouth to feed and who is now faced with an increase in utility bills and other expenses.

On top of the financial ramifications, parents with and adult child living at home also have to deal with the additional conflicts that are certain to arise. Issues related to substance use, visitors, noise level, and use of common or shared resources can become serious problems. In order to minimize the frequency of these conflicts, it is necessary for parents to take preventative action. A behavior contract or "living agreement" for their adult child is essential to the success of this new living arrangement. offers an excellent five-page contract for parents with adult children living at home. The contract covers all types of issues and can be customized to fit the needs of any family. Click here to learn more.

If you are looking for a contract to address issues related to your adult child living at home, then you have come to the right place! Download this contract immediately and you'll be ready to go in a matter of minutes! This "living agreement" is perfect for any parent with an adult child living at home or for any parent who has a college-aged child living at home. This contract will teach responsibility and foster independence... and assure that you aren't being taken advantage of.

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