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Child Behavior Contracts

Free Printable Behavior Contracts & Charts

Free Printable Contracts

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Feel free to print off a free behavior contract and/or a free behavior chart by simply clicking on the associated thumbnail. You can also visit the "Free Parenting Tools" page on our sister site for even more free printable parenting tools.

Along with the free behavior contracts and other parenting tools offered on this page, we also offer (through our affiliates) a number of other options for acquiring higher quality (premium) behavior contracts. Each link below will take you to a site that offers prewritten "behavior contract packages" that can be downloaded and put to use within minutes of purchase.

We think you'll appreciate the structure and consistency that these unique parenting tools help to establish. Improving your child's behavior is so much easier when the proper tools are used…we're here to help you acquire those tools! Happy parenting!

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Please visit these sites for additional parenting tools:

Teen Behavior Contracts
Each contract is specifically written with teens in mind. Among the contracts in this package are those that cover the following topics: Dating, Driving, Attitude and Appearance, Character, School, Household Expectations, Online Behavior, Substance Use, Cell Phone Use, and General Behavior.

Contract for an Adult Child Living at Home
Just as described. Parents with adult children living at home can now have an agreement in place that prevents their adult child from taking advantage of them. The contract covers a number of issues that occur once the adult child moves back home.

Behavior Management Package
This downloadable package includes a set of behavior contracts for children and teens of all ages. Topics include the following: Respect, Responsibility, Safety, Character, School, Emotional Management, Following Directions, and "Specific Behaviors." This package also includes an exclusive behavior improvement chart that can’t be found anywhere else, a chore chart, and a set of our ever-popular "Behavior Bucks." Again, thank you for visiting us! Please try out a free behavior contract and check out the other highly affordable downloadable parenting products we offer through our affiliates. We appreciate your interest!

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