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 Narcissistic Parenting: When You Compete Through Your Child

We've all seen such parenting behavior countless times: Parents overly invested in their child's success, wanting to see their child achieve in sports, music, academics, you name it, competing with others via their children. Read More

 'Free-range' parenting vs. 'helicopter parenting'

What do you think? How much freedom should parents have to let their kids stay home alone or walk home alone? Should parents be allowed to make this kind of decision on how much freedom to give their kids? Or does this go too far? Read More

 Strength-based parenting improves children's resilience and stress levels

Children are more likely to use their strengths to effectively cope with minor stress in their life if they have parents who adopt a strength-based approach to parenting. Read More

 The Parenting Trap: Coddling Anxious Kids

Some parents may make things worse for their anxious kids by falling into what researchers call the "protection trap" -- reassuring them, lavishing them with attention or making the threat go away, according to the results of a small study. Read More

 Parenting News: The Perils of Attachment Parenting

Extremes like on-demand breastfeeding can take their toll on parents and children alike. Attachment parenting encourages responding to your baby immediately each time he cries, or better still, before he cries. Read More

 'Negative Parenting' Starts Aggressive Personalities Early

Parents who express negative emotions toward their infants, or handle them roughly, may be inadvertently harming their babies' psyches, new research suggests. This type of "negative parenting" results in Read More

 What is your parenting style?

Do you know what parenting style you use? While exploring this topic with parents, I have found that often people will parent their children the same way that they were parented. But not always! Sometimes parents decide Read More

 Co-Parenting Tips

Co-parenting is when parents agree on the ways that they are going to raise their children in two homes. The foundational factor to co-parenting is not putting Read More

 Parenting News: Child Behavior

 Survey helps tell difference in expectable, worrisome behavior in children

Researchers in the study, published in Child and Adolescent Psychology, said that looking at patterns of behavior, rather than looking for a series of specific markers, shows better what children are inclined to do. Read More

 Mothers who smoke, drink, more likely to produce delinquent children

The results of Australia's first study of delinquent behavior were released by the Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS) on Tuesday, which revealed a range of factors that put children at risk of early-onset criminal behavior. Read More

 Could Your Child's Picky Eating Be A Sign Of Depression?

A study published Monday in the journal Pediatrics shows that, in extreme cases, picky eating can be associated with deeper trouble, such as depression or social anxiety. Read More

 What causes abnormal child behavior?

If abnormal behavior interferes with normal functioning, or if there is a marked change in behavior, parents and other caretakers should look into the causes. Read More

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